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Using MN Roadside’s towing or get help now pages to dispatch a driver in an emergency is easy, safe, and helps us lower our costs passing the savings to the customer. Once your pickup location and drop off location is entered you get to see the exact cost of towing and from there your just a few clicks away from dispatching a truck. Jumpstart, Tire Change, Lockout, and Fuel Delivery services can be requested using the Get Help Now page, the price is set in the form and as long as you are within a 15 mile radius of Downtown Minneapolis there are no additional charges. 

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Most frequent questions and answers

MN Roadside Assistance is not insured for mechanical work and we aren’t allowed to do anything further than emergency roadside assistance. Jump starts, lock outs, tire changes, fuel deliveries and towing.

We don’t have tires in stock and have no quick way to bring tires to a disabled vehicle. While 30% of new cars don’t have spares – many come with repair kits.. In this case we can help use the repair kit or possibly plug the hole as a temporary fix, just to get you to the nearest tire shop. Worse case there’s always a tow truck nearby to bring your car to a repair shop.

Currently we do not impound vehicles and refuse to do that type of towing, its just not for us.

Our technicians are not allowed to give rides to customers due to insurance policies, although while your vehicle is being towed you have the option of riding along to the vehicles destination. We also offer Uber rides for stranded motorists so if its a loved one that needs to go home while their car heads to the shop we can take care of that for you and add it to the bill. 

Absolutely, we offer scheduled assistance. In order to schedule roadside assistance or towing during a specific time frame you must call 24 hours in advance and there is a small convenience fee of $20.

Solutions For Companies
Minnesota Roadside Assistance

We provide roadside assistance for large companies too, if you need a provider solution in Minnesota we can find a way to meet your needs. Seasonally or all year round we can place drivers in the areas you need us most.

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