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Don’t worry this happens to many of us, under stress in an emergency, you just need to try to stay calm and be cautious.
  1. Never pull to the left side of the road, sometimes this is not possible but always avoid the left side of the highway.
  2. Use your hazard lights and call the police immediately if your in a dangerous place.
  3. Never stay in your car if it is stalled in a lane on the highway if you can help it. Move away without crossing traffic to the left or right median on foot away from the vehicle and keep moving further until help arrives.
  4. Never try to make a fast exit after your vehicle has been repaired. Safely merge back into the closest lane and stay there for at least a mile.
  5. Many times when people have adrenaline pumping, common sense goes right out the window so stay calm, stay safe, and try to make good decisions or at least call 911 for advice.

MN Roadside Assistance LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, providing stranded motorists affordable towing and roadside assistance in the North metro. We are upfront about our prices and try our best to offer services at lower rates than our competitors near Minneapolis.

Be assured that MN Roadside Assistance will tow your vehicle with great care and will safely arrive to help you in all your roadside emergencies.

Schedule a future pickup using the Towing Dispatch Form. You can also skip calling us for non towing. For example tire change assistance, or to get a jumpstart use the Roadside Assistance Dispatch Form.

No matter what company you have roadside service with – reimbursement is a simple process. 

Towing Costs:

$80 Non Highway Plus $4 Per Loaded Mile

$100 On Highway Plus $4 Per Loaded Mile

Impound Releases With Towing:

$125 Plus $5 Per Loaded Mile & 5% Fee Charged On Impound Cost


Motor Clubs That Use Our Service:

Agero, Honk For Help, Quest, Road America,, Nation Safe Drivers, Swoop, Allstate, and More.


After paying for any service you will receive a reimbursement from your claims agent. Our receipt shows the service, date, time, and vin of your vehicle. Your insurance company can call or email support to confirm the amount of reimbursement after service.

After service you can request to receive a reimbursement receipt that shows the service, date, time, and vin of your vehicle to send to your insurance company just call if you forgot to get a receipt.

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